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Press review

A natural structure

How important is a printed catalogue for retailers?

Just before the release of the new catalogue, GastroSpiegel spoke to Bartscher Managing Director Andreas Heumüller.

33. Company forum at the Bartscher GmbH in Salzkotten

The company Bartscher from Salzkotten acted as a host to the 33rd Geseker company forum in the middle of June. Owner, Hans-Josef Bartscher, who was born in Geseker and is a member of the senior advisory board of the GWN, and Andreas Heumüller, managing director of the company Bartscher GmbH, invited the Geseker companies to the neighbouring town.

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New partnership

Bartscher equips the Puravia Akademie belonging to Dr. Becher GmbH with canteen equipment. For more information about the Academy, please visit:



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Combi steamer - the versatile one

Thanks to intelligent technology and a wide range of possibilities, hot-air steamers offer maximum benefit for baking, (combi) steaming, roasting, regenerating or low-temperature cooking.

Permanent further development of the appliance has... 

The fill-range supplier of canteen equipment

The headquarters of the company Bartscher are located in Salzkotten in the heart of rural Westphalia, just outside Paderborn.

A meeting with managing director Andreas Heumüller and head of marketing Markus Kosfeld.

Faster to the customer

The company Bartscher will be shifting the focus to retailers in 2014 by means of investments and innovations. In particular, orders will be processed more quickly and effectively using the SAP system.

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